Operation Restore Launched to Preserve School Choice in PA

The REACH Alliance launched Operation Restore, a campaign to restore the funding for Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program to $75 million.  The EITC, which before being cut provided scholarships to 44,000 low- to moderate-income students, was slashed during last year’s budget debate (thought funding for school districts was increased by over $300 million).

The average EITC scholarship is around $1,100, compared with per-pupil spending of $13,000 in schoo districts – thus saving taxpayers over $400 million per year.

The new campaign features news about the EITC, a page to contact your lawmakers, and town hall forums across Pennsylvania:

  • Erie:  April 12  (AM)
  • Pittsburgh:  April 13 (AM)
  • Philadelphia:  April 15 (two sessions)
  • Allentown:  April 16 (AM)
  • Harrisburg:  April 19 (AM)

Check OperationRestorePA.org for more details.