Fighting the Powerful Renewable Energy Lobby

Colorado residents are fighting back against the powerful renewable energy lobby via ballot initiative.

The Western Tradition Partnership, a grassroots citizens group, said they would attack the renewables rent-seeking industry through a proposed ballot initiative that would allow consumers to lower their utility bills by opting out of more expensive renewable energy.

Renewable energy standards are a favorite tool of speculators, who invested in the more expensive, less efficient sources and cannot attract consumers in a competitive market. By lobbying politicians to make purchasing their product mandatory, speculators pass their losses to captive customers.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvanians are stuck with our state-wide Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, which gradually increase the amount of energy required from solar, wind and other expensive “green” sources. Proposed legislation would mandate even higher levels of alternative energy costing the average Pennsylvania household $1,600 to $1,800.

This is just another reason why Pennsylvanians should have the ability to petition their government, giving citizens a tool to fight bad laws made at the urging of special interest groups.