Five Questions to Ask Your Congressman About Health Care Reform

The US House of Representatives is preparing to vote on health care legislation, or rather to vote to “deem” that the Senate health care bill, which has not passed the House, has passed the House. You can contact your representative using the phone or online contact information here.

When you talk to your Representative, here are five questions you might want to ask:

  1. Is the health care bill constitutional? Is the method being used to pass it constitutional?
  2. What’s in the bill? Do we need to wait until it passes to find out what’s in it?
  3. Will the so-called reforms reduce the cost of health coverage? Or will it, as the CBO projects, cause premiums to rise? Will it result in skyrocketing premiums as seen in Massachusetts?
  4. Will it help the economy? Or will it result in up to 700,000 lost jobs, as economists at the Beacon Hill Institute project?
  5. Will this proposal increase the quality of care? Or will it result in rationing, waiting lists, and a loss of doctors?

Here are some alternatives to government-run health care.