Grading Corbett’s Economic Plan: FAIL

Pennsylvania governor candidate Tom Corbett and his campaign team unveiled the first of seven policy outlines on economic development.

Much of what it outlines is simply political rhetoric – i.e. praising energy resources, transportation and water infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, and innovation – but when it outlines specific policy proposals, it’s just more of the same.

The Corbett plan includes:

  • Spending taxpayer money on building broadband internet, copying the federal “stimulus”
  • “Discovered in PA – Developed in PA” – a new program for universities and businesses to partner – presumably with taxpayer subsidy – on new technologies
  • More tax incentives and state spending on venture capital – because, naturally, if private investors don’t think something is a good risk, government will make better decisions using other people’s money
  • Loans and “seed money” for new businesses
  • Grants and incentives for investors
  • Getting more out of the Governor’s Action Team, one of Rendell’s favorite tools to pick favored companies for corporate welfare
  • More programs to create green jobs

Rather than a new direction, Corbett offers nothing more than the same failed mistakes of the past. In fact, his corporate welfare package sounds a lot like that of Democrat candidate Dan Onorato, not to mention the policies of Rendell and Bush-Obama. 

This is not our path to prosperity.  For some positive ideas, check out Six Opportunities for Pennsylvania.

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