Opposition Rising to Philadelphia’s Soda Tax

Opposition has been rising to Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposed tax on sugary drinks in Philadelphia – often referred to as a “soda tax” (but never a “pop tax“) though it would apply to other beverages as well.

Both the Pennsylvania Beverage Association and the Teamster jointly announced their opposition to the tax, based on the impact on their industry and jobs.

PA Watercooler highlights the efforts of the Loyal Opposition, as well as responses from Philadelphia City Council Members Jack Kelly and Frank Rizzo.

And the Tax Foundation summarizes some of the misguided ideas behind soda taxes – i.e. to curb obesity, as well as simply to fill Philadelphia’s gaping budget hole.

About the only affected party not to criticize Nutter’s plan is the Kool-Aid Man, who, despite crashing through the wall, only repeated his normal catchprase “Oh Yeah”.