NTU Congressional Ratings for Pennsylvania

The National Taxpayers Union released their annual Congressional report card (for votes in 2009). Here are the votes they rated. NTU’s rating is based on “every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy,” rating how “friendly” lawmakers were to taxpayers.

Among the Pennsylvania delegation, no one earned an A, or a “Taxpayer’s Friend”, but there were several F’s, and Chakah Fattah was cited for the lowest overall score in the nation.


Member Grade Percentage
Specter D 26%
Casey F 6%
Pitts, J B+ 88%
Shuster, B B 81%
Thompson, G B 80%
Dent, C C+ 64%
Gerlach, J C+ 60%
Platts, T C+ 60%
Murphy, T C 55%
Altmire, J D 25%
Carney, C D 16%
Holden, T F 15%
Dahlkemper, K F 12%
Murphy, P F 8%
Kanjorski, P F 6%
Sestak, J F 5%
Schwartz, A F 3%
Brady, R F 1%
Doyle, M F 1%
Fattah, C F 1%
State Average 32%