How Do Pennsylvania’s Highways Rank

The Reason Foundation has been analyzing state highway systems since 1984. This month they released their 18th Annual Highway Report.

Overall the Commonwealth ranked 38th for the most efficient state-owned highway system, which, is a drop from our 36th ranking in the previous report. Here’s how Pennsylvania ranked in specific categories:

  • 4th for number of State-controlled highway miles
  • 47th in deficient or obsolete bridges
  • 25th in fatality rate
  • 21st in urban interstate traffic congestion
  • 19th in urban interstate condition
  • 26th in rural interstate condition
  • 50th in narrow lanes
  • 27th in total disbursement per state-controlled highways
    • 19th in capital and bridges disbursements
    • 38th in maintenance disbursements
    • 27th in administration disbursements