There PennFuture Goes Again!

This morning on Harrisburg’s NPR station WITF (audio), Commonwealth Foundation adjunct scholar Andrew Langer debated Jan Jarrett of PennFuture.  Afterward Jarrett slammed us in a press release because of our call for an independent investigation of Penn State Climategate scientist Michael Mann.  Here’s my email reply to Ms. Jarrett.


Once again you have attacked the Commonwealth Foundation while ignoring the facts and refusing to debate them.

For example, you state that “the foundation has produced no evidence to document that conclusion [the Penn State’s investigation was a whitewash]”.  To the contrary, we specifically identified areas in which Penn State failed to investigate and showed where their findings were directly contradicted by the evidence.

You go on to claim that the “Commonwealth Foundation is entitled to ignore accepted science and form its own opinion.”  You know this is a lie, and that we are very willing to engage in debate on the science.  In fact, I renew my challenge to you to co-host a debate at Penn State on the science.  You never responded to my challenge below.  So who is really hiding behind opinions when you’re afraid to engage in a scientific debate?

What is truly amazing to me is that PennFuture continues to deny any scientific misconduct by global warming apologists, despite a myriad of evidence in the contrary.  I guess now the Washington Post must be a “right-wing global warming denier” for pointing out the flawed science you peddle.  Indeed, if anyone is attempting to “twist climate change science to meet its ideological bent” (as well as efforts to secure taxpayer-funded grants), it is PennFuture.

So c’mon, Jan, put your money where your mouth is!  Let’s get Dr. Michael Mann to debate Dr. Pat Michaels at Beaver Stadium!

I look forward to your response!

Stay warm!



—–Original Message—–
From: Matthew Brouillette
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 9:16 PM
To: Jan Jarrett
Cc: Lisa Powers
Subject: A Global Warming Debate


Let’s have a debate!

You pick your two best global warming apologists and I’ll pick my best two “deniers” (as you so fondly call us), and CF will co-host a debate with PennFuture at Penn State. We’ll pick an agreeable moderator or co-moderators who will ask our questions of opposing sides.  You up for it?

I know it’s not as fun as saying absurd things like, “In their universe, hot is cold,” but I thought you might possibly be interested in elevating the discussion.

Please note that I’ve copied Lisa Powers, Penn State’s Public Information Director, who I’m sure will help out with the debate logistics given the university’s commitment to seeking the truth on the pressing matters of our day.

Also, I’ve blind copied a number of members of the media, and a few others, who I think would be interested in covering such an event if you are willing.

I’ll eagerly await your response as I dig out from these 18 inches of global warming this weekend.