The 70s Called, and Wants Its Legislators Back

State Rep. Frank Oliver announced he will be retiring at the end of his term.  This retirement – along with those of Sen. Bob Mellow, Sen. Barry Stout, and Sen. Ray Musto (the latter two previously serving in the PA House first), and the recent death of Congressman Jack Murtha – has greatly reduced the number of current Pennsylvania legislators first elected before I was born.

That list will soon be down to four – Sen. Michael O’Pake, and Reps. Mark Cohen, Bud George, and Bill Deweese – or fewer if there are additional retirements or election losses.  Five other sitting lawmakers were first elected during the 1970s (but after my introduction to the world): Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, and Reps. Thomas Caltagirone, Richard Geist, Nicholas Micozzie, and John Perzel.

For the record, there are also about 11 members (all in the Pennsylvania state house) younger than me, include six members born in the 1980s.  (Source: Pennsylvania Legislative Services).