Rules for Radicals and Climategate

The Allentown Morning Call covers the ongoing “Climategate” scandal involving Penn State’s Michael Mann. Joe Sterns, our director of communications, does a great job of staking out our position.

Of course, instead dealing with the merits of the issue, PennFuture’s Jan Jarrett attacks us again:

“Oil and coal industries have invested heavily in their campaign to move their agenda ahead, to make sure we don’t switch from energy made the way they produce it, by burning coal or by burning petroleum.”

Really? Well, some heads in my office are going to roll because I haven’t been informed about the wads of cash we’re getting from these evil energy industries.

I’m guessing that the Penn State student group mentioned in the story is also wondering when their huge checks will be arriving in the mail from Exxon.

“This whole controversy really exists in an alternate universe that’s been bought and paid for by the folks who want to make sure we don’t enact clean air legislation. In their universe, hot is cold.”

Riiiiight. We don’t want clean air. Hot is cold, and we think that the snow storm coming this weekend is because its actually cold and snowy outside during the winter.

Would someone please inform these folks that we’ve also read Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals,” so we know their tactics before they even deploy them.