PSU Clears Mann on 3 of 4 Allegations

MannMadeGlobalWarmingPenn State’s internal investigation into the scientific conduct of Michael Mann cleared him of three of the four allegations against him. The report states they could find “no credible evidence” that Mann suppressed or falsified data, destroyed or concealed emails or data, or misused privileged information.

The university will continue an investigative inquiry into whether Mann conduct was unbecoming of a scientist (which sounds a bit like the end of A Few Good Men, only without Col. Jessup’s admission to ordering the code red).

Here is our policy brief outlining why taxpayers deserve an independent investigation into Mann’s activities, given Penn State’s conflict of interest. Indeed, Penn State has rejected external Right to Know requests, as they are exempted from the state Open Records law (despite hundreds of millions in direct taxpayer subsidy).

PSU Report on Mann Inquiry