Should the Turnpike Commission Toll I-80?

It’s been 88 days since the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission resubmitted its application to toll Interstate 80 (after being denied twice).  We’re told that the Federal Highway Administration will soon be decide whether or not Pennsylvania’s most corrupt government agency will be given the power to tax drivers of I-80 in order to subsidize inefficient and expensive mass transit systems in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Here is a video we put together in 2008 looking at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Family Tree (see full family tree below). 

Since then, one of the Turnpike “family members” – former state Senator Vince Fumo – has been convicted of 137 counts of fraud and theft (many related to the Turnpike Commission) and is serving time in federal prison.

Mitchell Rubin, the former chairman, has since been removed from office and is a target of federal investigators. His wife, Ruth Arnao, was also convicted and is now in jail.

Michael Palermo, former contractor for the Turnpike Commission, pleaded guilty to defrauding taxpayers and was sentenced to five years of probation, including one-year of house arrest.

And the Turnpike Commission itself has both state and federal authorities investigating alleged illegal activities.

Is this really the organization that should control our transportation dollars and infrastructure?

Contact your elected officials and the Federal Highway Administration and let them know your thoughts.  Click here for more action items.


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Family Tree

(click the image for larger version)