Rendell on HB 80: Now it’s war!

Yesterday, Governor Rendell had some harsh albeit entertaining words for opponents of HB 80, which would increase the state’s mandated alternative energy requirements.

According to Rendell “Powerful special interests are stalling this legislation”. The bill has been stuck in the PA House since last summer and despite pushes from slightly less powerful special interests, namely Penn Future and alternative energy providers.

“There’s only one way to get through the “blockade,” Rendell said, “and that’s for us to absolutely make this a war. “[House Bill 80 is] the single most important thing that we have to do for the long-range health of the state.”

After encouraging legislators not to vote on other bills until HB 80 is taken up he emphasized it was time to “kick the living daylights” out of legislators “until they understand that it’s not enough to just vote for this issue.”

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