Democrat Party Finally Condemns Pay Raise

An interesting response to State Senator Dave Argall’s announcement that he would challenge Congressman Tim Holden is that Democrats are going after Argall’s role in the 2005 Pennsylvania pay raise.

While the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee probably gives Argall too much credit, calling him an “architect” who “orchestrated” the pay raise, I believe this is the first time a Democrat party official actually condemned the pay raise.

I’m sure the DCCC will call the following Pennsylvania House Democrats selected to leadership, who accepted the unconstitutional “unvouchered expenses” and, based on Rock the Capital’s research, never returned the money, to pay it back. and demonstrate their commitment to good government.

  • Keith McCall, (D-Carbon), Speaker.
  • Todd Eachus, (Luzerne), Majority Leader.
  • Bill DeWeese, (D-Greene), Majority Whip prior to his indictment.
  • Dwight Evans, (D-Philadelphia), Appropriations Committee Chair.
  • Mark Cohen, (D-Philadelphia), Caucus Chair.
  • Mike Sturla, (D-Lancaster), Chair of Policy & the House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Rep. Louise Bishop, (D-Philadelphia) Chairwoman of the Children & Youth Committee.
  • Rep. Robert Donatucci, (D-Philadelphia), Chairman of the Liquor Control Committee.
  • Rep. Babette Josephs, (D-Philadelphia), Chairwoman of the Local Government Committee.
  • Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland (D-Delaware), Chairman of Tourism and Recreational Development.
  • Rep. Phyllis Mundy, (D-Kingston), Chairwoman of Aging & Older Adult Service Committee.
  • Rep. Frank Oliver, (D-Philadelphia), Chairman of Health & Human Services Committee.
  • Rep. Edward Staback, (D-Lackawanna), Chairman of the Game & Fisheries Committee.
  • Rep. W. Curtis Thomas (D-Philadelphia), Chairman of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.