Still Movin’ Out

The Billy Joel song Movin’ Out sounds more eerie and more depressing every year that Pennsylvania continues to lose people. Allied Van Lines has released its 42nd Annual Magnet States Report, which tracks where people are moving to and from across the United States. (HT The Centrist)

Texas continued its top ranking as the destination state for fifth year in a row, followed by Arizona and North Carolina. Pennsylvania, however, ranked third on the list of “outbound” states. In other words, more people leave Pennsylvania than move into the state. Only Michigan and Illinois precede Pennsylvania on this ignominious distinction.

These results are not surprising, though, as states such as Texas and North Carolina are among the most business friendly states. Yet, Pennsylvania’s high tax-high spending policies undermine any incentive to move into the state.

Interestingly, barring Ohio, Pennsylvania has spend more on economic development programs than any other state in the nation. But Pennsylvanians have neither seen tangible benefits from such spending, while being burdened by the costs. Despite spending upwards of $754 million on “economic development” activities,” Pennsylvania remains unattractive to most out-of-state businesses, and hostile to those who already call it home.