Pennsylvanians More Unhappy Than Most

As the winter rolls around there is a lot to be unhappy about especially in the northeast regions of the United States. It is no wonder the a new study of “happiness” by state found that those who live in sunny, outdoorsy states – Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida – say they’re the happiest Americans.   However, states like Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska also rank high on the study. (HT Bucks Right)

While there might no definite relationship between high tax burdens and unhappy citizens, the report shows that economically incompetent states such as New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania lag behind in the happiness index.

The weather is something that legislators have no control over. However, the economic climate is something they can change. States such as Florida, South Carolina, and Texas attract people from Pennsylvania and other “outbound states” and keep them happy, not only due to the weather but also because of lower taxes and regulation.