States Push Back Against National Healthcare

With the health care debate still brewing on the floor of the US Senate, states are pushing back against the prospect of a government-run healthcare system. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) drafted a model for state legislation entitled “Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act” protecting the right of citizens to purchase private healthcare plansĀ  and barring fees or fines for opting out of a public plan. ALEC also asked state legislators from across the country to sign a petition opposing the federal takeover of healthcare.

Since its inception, ALEC’s proposal has become a model for legislation in 24 states, with 14 of those states having already filed or prefiled such legislation.

Pennsylvania is among those, with legislation introduced in October by Rep. Matt Baker, which would prevent any type of penalty for Pennsylvanians who choose not to buy into a government insurance plan. Rep. Curt Schroder of Chester County has proposed a state constitutional amendment to protect against any further efforts to force residents into a single-payer healthcare system.