Help Your Favorite Non-Profit Win $25,000 (wink, wink)

We at CF are fighting on behalf of all Pennsylvanians for a freer and more prosperous PA.  Although it’s an uphill battle, we do believe that Pennsylvania’s best days are ahead–now that’s a cause worth fighting for!

Please show your support for CF this week! Stop by the Facebook Chase Community Foundation competition to vote for the Commonwealth Foundation.

The 100 most-voted-for charities will win $25,000, and voting ends December 11th. Voting only takes a few minutes; just follow the link below to become a fan of the contest and vote for the Commonwealth Foundation. Also, it would be a HUGE help if you would forward this link to all of your FB friends and/or post it on your Wall, asking them to vote as well.

1) Click on this link to go to the Chase Community Foundation Facebook page:

2) In the blue search box where it says Enter your charity, type Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives.

3) If you don’t have a Facebook account . . .When you hit enter, you will be asked to log onto Facebook, and the website will walk you through the steps to set up an account.

4) Follow the prompts to “Allow Access” and become a fan of the Chase Community Foundation Page.

5) Cast your vote for the Commonwealth Foundation TODAY (or by December 11th)!  And know that you have 20 votes, so if you’ve voted for others, you can still vote for CF.

Also, please become a Facebook Fan of CF by going to

Thanks so much for supporting CF for a brighter Pennsylvania!