Update: Harley’s Union “Compromises”

Harley’s heavily unionized employees came to a “compromise” through a new contract that will likely keep the company in Pennsylvania. Union leaders said, although they are not satisfied with this contract, Harley’s decision to move would be catastrophic.

So what does the contract include? According to Central Penn Business Journal the seven year contract contains

  • Job classifications reduced from 60 to five.
  • Average wage of $24.73 per hour, which is higher than 85 percent of comparable manufacturing jobs in York County.
  • Up to four weeks vacation, depending on seniority; workers currently with five weeks of vacation will be grandfathered in.

This superficial “new” contract does not solve any of York County’s or Pennsylvania’s problems, as Harley’s cost of doing business remains high. Harley can only afford to stay in PA following both the union “compromise” and Governor Rendell’s generous gift of $15 million in taxpayer money.