Penn State Professor Caught in Climatology Scandal

Britain’s Climate Research Unit verified hackers confiscated email correspondence between top climatologists, putting Penn State’s director of Earth System Science Center, Michael E. Mann, directly in the middle of the biggest scandal to hit the climate change debate.

Mann told the Washington Post these letters are being taken out of context; however, it is exactly the context that shows when science becomes political – pushing an agenda can become more important than advancing sound science. These emails cast serious doubt into the integrity of Dr. Mann and Penn State.

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the letters bringing Dr. Mann’s credibility into question:

  • Mann told his colleagues he would screen and delay posting on their Real Climate website, monitoring cynic’s comments.
  • Phil Jones in response to Mann, regarding station data, he would rather “delete it than hand it over” to McIntyre (a deemed adversary). Jones admits he will hide behind protection laws and wants to know if Mann can do the same.
  • Professor Jones admitted using Mann’s “trick” to “hide the decline” in temperature.
  • Mann suggested the climate community join together to ban a journal that published climate change criticism.
  • Mann announced he would talk to a BBC reporter to find out why a skeptical climate change article was allowed to be published.
  • Jones advises Mann to delete all emails with Keith regarding the IPCC latest report, hinting they don’t want the Climate Audit (CA) to find them.
  • Mann suggests fellow climate scientist “screwed up big time” by sharing access to climate data publicly, since much of the data undermines his climate change hypothesis.