Tell Us What You’re Thankful for!

Freedom From Want

Here at CF we strive to shed light on corruption, fraud, and misuse of our tax dollars at the state and local level. But it can get a bit depressing to hear repeated stories of graft and how poorly our state ranks in terms of education scores, job growth, and economic climate.  Although the Commonwealth faces an uphill battle, we want you to know CF continues to fight on the frontlines of liberty because we believe Pennsylvania’s best days are ahead.

As we approach Thanksgiving, our staff wanted to take to a brief break from talking policy and research-writing to reflect on the good things in life.  It’s all too easy to dwell upon the negative aspects of life and overlook all things we have been blessed with.

So I hope you will join with us and share some of the things you are thankful for.  I’ll start: As a fairly recent college grad, I’m grateful for this past year I’ve spent with my family again after being away at school.

We’d love to hear from you: please share your thoughts on the comment tab.