Corporate Welfare Goes Green

The solar industry, teamed with congress, is trying to get the Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act passed. This act creates a 30% tax credit for solar manufactures and makes available a cash grant program. What is striking is that the solar industry is seeking this elite handout so it will not have to compete with other renewable energy resources for the $2.3 billion dollars already available through a tax credit.

Here in Pennsylvania $650 million in subsidies are available for alternative energy and conservation projects.

The problem is government should not be manipulating the market. It was a disaster when government forced ethanol into the energy sector; why would this be any different? Legislators should not ignore the signs.

A study in Germany concluded their solar PV industry would “vanish as soon as government support is terminated.” Another study found that if the investment tax credits for solar PV development and production tax credits for wind energy in the United States were not continued in 2009, these established industries would lose 77% of their employees.

The fact is that if the solar industry cannot survive without government subsidies then it should not be there; it will neither create lasting jobs nor will it save taxpayers money.