ACORN Sting in Philadelphia has released their video from Philadelphia’s ACORN office from July 24.

As in other videos, ACORN Philadelphia provided advice to the fake pimp and prostitute for what sort of housing they needed to bring underage girls from El Salvador.  They entire visit lasted 32 minutes, according to the James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

As Snowflakes in Hell has already pointed out, the video pretty much contradicts everything ACORN had said about the sting in Philadelphia – i.e. they threw them out and offered no advice – and was reported by mainstream media outlets like the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Note that in the Pennsylvania House, lawmakers voted on one amendment to prevent state taxpayers from funding ACORN, but that language was stripped from the final bill (in an gut-and-replace amendment by Todd Eachus), and ACORN and other groups remain eligible for state aid.