100 Days Without a Budget and We’re Still Alive!

The budget impasse has been analogized and analyzed to death in the past couple months. It’s rich fodder for politico pundits and reporters. Some have compared it to a class of fourth graders or kindergartners fighting over toys. Others have compared the stalemate to a circus and a “dog and pony show” . . . . but amidst all the drama and claims of dogs and cats living together, life has gone on as normal for most Pennsylvanians, even without state grants.

This reality is completely lost on Pennsylvania United Way president Tony Ross, who earlier today compared the budget impasse to a man-made Hurricane Katrina. Most everyone would agree that is absurd hyperbole. While the budget impasse has certainly been difficult on social service agencies, state workers, and certainly demands reform, it hardly compares to a natural disaster which killed thousand and left much of New Orleans in ruins.

Unfortunately, quotes likes these reflect a nanny-state mentality many in government (and groups that rely heavily on government funding) hold dear. Dependence or blind faith in any government body is a recipe for disappointment – not to mention bankruptcy.

If nothing else, perhaps legislators should take pause and consider that despite even when they fail to execute the most basic part of their job the Commonwealth still “happens“. Maybe they’ll come to realize the people aren’t as reliant on them as they think.