PA House Votes to De-fund ACORN

In addition to concurring with the tax hikes previously approved by the Senate, the Pennsylvania House voted earlier today 157-42 in favor of an amendment to HB 1407 which would ban state funds from going to ACORN, and other groups facing similar legal trouble (roll call pending). The actual text of the relevant language is:

Section 1704-E. Funding prohibited.
(a) Prohibition.–Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no funds may be expended on any nonprofit organization that meets any of the following:
(1) Is under indictment for a violation of any Federal or State campaign finance law or election law, including voter fraud.
(2) Failed to comply with Federal or State lobbying requirements.
(3) Filed a fraudulent form with any Federal or State agency.
(4) Is the subject of a cease and desist order, or similar prohibition, from the Department of State which prohibits the solicitation of contributions.