The Totally Different Pennsylvania Budget Deal

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Senate decided they were going to go their own way on the state budget, angered at House Democrat’s tax package. Apparently they already passed both the new budget and the revenue/tax package this morning, as John Micek reports, which after the recent pace of movement on the budget, makes Usain Bolt look slow.

The budget is $27.835 billion – about $100 million less than the “deal”, primarily savings from re-calculating Medicaid expenditures (more federal money, less state money).

Download file Click here for the line items in this budget.

The new taxes and revenues are pretty much identical to those in the budget “deal”, minus the sales tax on arts/museums/concert tickets and the tax on small games of chance. (Or you could say it is the House Democrat’s package, without the natural gas severance tax and tax on cigars and other tobacco products).