NTU Launches “Special Delivery” Video Project

The National Taxpayers Union has recently announced a new video project aimed at letting the American taxpayer have their say in the healthcare debate. Entitled the “Special Delivery Project”, NTU is encouraging Americans to submit a short video with a message to their Members of Congress about healthcare. Each one of these videos will be burned onto DVDs and then distributed to the respective legislative offices.

NTU has provided a short video prompt on YouTube for people to respond to and is encouraging anyone with a stake in the healthcare debate to show Congress they cannot stifle the voice of the citizen.  For the most compelling videos, NTU will even personally schedule a meeting with your Congressman to show them your message. With the threat of a big government takeover of healthcare looming on the horizon, now is as important of a time as ever to tell Congress “Hands off!”

For more information, check out the “Special Delivery” project on NTU.org!