October Surprise: Rush to Vote on Tax Hikes

I’ve just received word that Democrats are planning to rush a tax increase vote in the state House of Representatives tomorrow! Specifically, House Democrats are going to hold a vote on legislation that would impose new taxes on the extraction of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation, and on smokeless tobacco, and on some of the other taxes previously included in the budget “deal.”

These tax increases, if they come to fruition, would be very bad news for Pennsylvania. So hurried and rash is this move that the House Democrats didn’t even have the legislation drafted yet, and will use the notorious “gut-and-amend” parliamentary maneuver that was used to sneak through the infamous midnight pay raise!

To learn more about the destructive effects of a natural gas extraction tax, click here. To learn why the smokeless tobacco tax is bad news for PA, click here. 

Please contact your State Representative and tell him to vote “NO” on these tax increases. You can find your State Representative’s contact information at PennsylvaniaVotes.org.