Governing “Responsibly”

Lowman Henry has another good commentary on the Pennsylvania state budget “deal” over at PA Town Hall:

I find it interesting that when Democrats stick to their principles, as Governor Ed Rendell has done in demanding more spending and higher taxes, they are deemed as governing responsibly. But, when Republicans act according to their party’s core principle of fiscal conservatism and demand less spending and lower taxes they are viewed as ideologues.

It is bad enough when the mainstream media, leftist academics, and Democratic politicians parrot that line. But, when the only component of state government under Republican control drinks such double standard laced Kool-Aid, it points to a serious structural deficiency within the ranks of the GOP. …

Responsible governance would require cutting spending to within our current means, not increasing taxes or user fees, and reforming agencies such as the gaming board and welfare department to eliminate corruption and maximize income.

Why then do senate Republican leaders think their agreeing to this budget is “governing responsibly” when it fact it is precisely the opposite? The budget agreement fails to adequately reign in spending, it lacks long-term funding sustainability, and it levies crippling taxes on Pennsylvania’s small businesses and nonprofit organizations. It is the epitome of irresponsibility.