Not-True Statements about Health Insurers

I’ve already picked on the left-wing Keystone Progress this week for absurd statements, but I got another missive from them on health care. Basically, their effort was to demonize health insurers – arguing that health insurance companies were the ones opposing health care reform; insurers are greedy and pursuit of profit is why they will kick you off insurance if you get sick; that a lack of competition and local monopolies foster “excessive profits”; and that national reform will save Americans from this reckless greed.

Of course, this argument is based on many un-true statements.  Some facts they choose to ignore:

More important in the fact that insurance companies are largely on board with Obama’s health care reform. Why would they support this?

Demonizing insurance companies makes for fine political rhetoric, but it isn’t supported by the fact, nor does it justify a policy which benefits insurance companies.