New Study Shows Devastating Impact of High Corporate Tax Rates

The Tax Foundation, came out with a new study this month on the negative impacts of high state corporate tax rates. The results have coincided with previous research, showing that states with lower corporate income tax rates substantially boost their worker productivity and real wage rates. Given that Pennsylvania has the 2nd highest corporate taxes in the nation, the findings strongly suggest we should reconsider our corporate tax rates.

According to the study, “between 1970 and 2007, a one-dollar increase in the average state-local corporate tax rate caused a $2.50 dip in wages 5 years later, compared with lower-taxed states.” The reverse is also true; a one-dollar decrease in the corporate income tax this year would bring a $2.50 increase in real wages 5 years later. With the state budget at an impasse, some lawmakers are suggesting the opposite; actually delaying a reduction in the Capital Stock and Franchise tax in a desperate attempt to fill the budget gap. Delaying relief for Pennsylvania businesses hoping to climb out of this recession could prove to be a disastrous mistake.