The Success of Consumer-Driven Health Care

In the midst of debates over the right kind of health care reform, consumer-driven plans continue to attract consumers while keeping costs in check.

Greg Scandlen of Consumers of Health Care Choices highlights a new survey by United Benefits Advisors:

“enrollment in consumer-driven plans exceeds that of HMOs. The survey included more than 12,000 employers and discovered that 15.4 percent of all employees are now in CD plans, compared to 13.6 percent in HMOs. PPOs remain the Big Daddy with 63.9 percent market share.”

If you’re not convinced by the numbers read the personal stories on This national grassroots group is working to prevent a cap on the amount of contributions consumers can make towards their Flexible Spending Plans. About 35 million Americans utilize FSA’s and the median income of participants is about $55,000.

And if you’re wondering what an FSA or HSA is check out this short video.