RightOnline Health Care Panel

Right Online held a panel on health care reform today, which I had the honor of speaking at, along with Amy Menefee of Americans for Prosperity and the Patients First campaign, and Eric Singer of Congressional Effect Management (AFP’s Phil Kerpen moderated and also provided insights). Rather than describe the great info I and the other panelists presents (along with the intelligent questions and comments from the audience), here is what those in attendance had to say.

Attendees on Twitter:

maggie82: #righton: whoever pays #healthcare gets to determine coverage and service – government, insurance company or patient? that’s question #tcot

markdkelly2: Eric Singer in a nutshell at #RightOn health care panel, the government’s policies got us into the current health care situation.

bmorekarl:  I think if Obama was being honest, he’d say ‘read my lips, no new hips’ – Eric Singer #righton

markdkelly2 Eric Singer, likes kingdomstudies.blogspot.com ‘s review of House health care bill. #RightOn @Kerpen says Senate committee bill kept secret

maggie82: #righton: most insurance companies are at the table and supporting #obamacare. So #iamthemob are not pawns of that industry.

markdkelly2: #RightOn Amy Menefee, we’ve tried government run health care in HI and MA and it didn’t work. #handsoff

markdkelly2: crowd fired up & already pretty educated about the health care bill. #RightOn #handsoff

az4vlad: @righton Doctor speaks to healthcare panel: “The AMA does not speak for the majority of doctors in America!”

DonIrvine: Docs against healthcare reform should join AAPS. #righton #tcot http://myloc.me/luK2

The blog North Shore Exponent summarizes the panel:

And here are video highlights of the panel via WVEx

My presentation concluded with a number of links for information and to get involved in patient-centered health care reform: