Make Drill Here, Drill Now a Reality

Remember Drill Here Drill Now campaign? It’s one approval away from becoming a reality.

As of October 1, 2008 no moratoriums exist on offshore oil and gas development, however, no new areas may be leased or developed unless they are included in a 5 Year Program. The Minerals Management Service is in charge of developing this five year plan and their 2010-2015 proposal includes leasing in the Atlantic and expanded leasing in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific, and Alaska. But the plan still has to be approved.

The Consumer Eneregy Alliance is asking for your help to make sure this plan passes. They are collecting thousands of comments from the citizens of PA and letters from both elected officials and business leaders until September 21, 2009. (this is when the comment period closes)

You can support the expansion of offshore drilling here. And if you’d like to help CEA collect comments at events around the state click here.