Employee Free Choice Act: Still Not Free, Still No Choice

Democrats recently announced they will drop card check from their ironically titled “Employee Free Choice Act�. Even after this compromise, the EFCA is still bad news for workers everywhere. Unfortunately, Big Labor and it’s congressional allies have repackaged their same brand of nostrum and are determined to force it upon Americans.

Still alive and well is a proposal to cut the time for an organizing vote from an average 38 days to only five or ten, if 30% of workers request a union. 

Worst of all, the Employee Free Choice Act includes binding arbitration. That is to say, if the union and employer do not reach an agreement in a set time, a third party government arbitrator will determine salaries and benefits. Compulsory interest arbitration has slowly destroyed sensible fiscal management and efficiency.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy found that in Michigan, average time for a third party arbitrator case lasted 15 months, defeating the whole purpose of outside arbitration. The failures of binding arbitration have been recognized in Michigan and Massachusetts where, consequently, citizens have voted to repeal these measures.

The Employee Free Choice Act is still just as wretched as it was when it included Card Check. It offers no freedom or choice to either the employee or the employers. Rather, this legislation essentially forces employers to turn over their corporations to greedy union organizers and an unceasingly growing omnipotent federal government.