“Blue Dog” Democrats Still Against Pennsylvania Tax Increase

State Rep. John Pallone, one of Pennsylvania’s “Blue Dog” Democrats, has penned a statewide letter to the editor noting that he, along with about 20 other unnamed House Democrats, should also receive credit for fending off a state tax increase.  Pallone writes,

Let me make it perfectly clear: I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF A TAX INCREASE and will continue to fight against a tax increase while making every effort to support adequate funding for fundamental and essential programs throughout Pennsylvania.

Pallone was one of only two Democrats to vote against HB 1416 last week – a budget that would have required a tax increase.  What remains to be seen is how many of his “blue dog” colleagues were voting simply to “advance the process” (and avoid retribution from their leadership, which often occurs), and how many would  – when the real budget vote occurs – vote to pass a budget requiring higher taxes.