Rendell’s spokesman called me a “flaming a–hole”

Governor Ed Rendell held a news conference today to continue his campaign to raise taxes on working Pennsylvanians. We showed up with our billboards saying “Yes, We Can!” balance the budget without raising taxes. I also had a news release and Budget Facts on education spending to provide to the media.

Well, the Guv’s spokesman, Chuck Ardo, didn’t like us being there so he told me I couldn’t hand out our information. I told him that the room was a public place, it was a news conference, and that I would continue to hand out our information. He then threatened to have me removed…which never happened.

So after the news conference, after providing TV, print, and radio reporters with the other side of the story, Chuck decided to confront me again. He called me a “flaming a$$hole” and vowed to keep me from coming to the Governor’s news conferences in the future.

I can’t wait to find out when that is … because you know I’ll be there! This time, selling statues of the Governor himself!