CF Applauds House Republicans’ Budget

HARRISBURG, PA — The Commonwealth Foundation today applauded state House Republicans for offering a fiscally responsible state budge proposal.  

“The House Republicans’ proposal shows that ‘yes, we can‘ balance the budget and continue essential government services without raising taxes,” said Nathan A. Benefield, director of policy research at the Commonwealth Foundation.  “It affirms that $27 billion—a spending increase more than double the rate of inflation in Gov. Rendell’s six-year tenure—is more than enough to keep Pennsylvania strong.

“We applaud the elimination of WAMs, cutting funding for unfilled positions, and focusing on services over ‘public awareness’ programs,” Benefield continued. “This proposal, along with SB 850, offers an opportunity to discuss what the core functions of government are, spotlight waste, and identify ways state government can function more efficiently.  Most importantly, both plans provide realistic spending without higher taxes on working Pennsylvanians and the businesses that provide them jobs.”

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The Commonwealth Foundation ( is an independent, non-profit public policy research and educational institute based in Harrisburg, PA