Pennsylvania House Passes Silly Bills

We are now three days in to the fiscal year without a state budget, yet the Pennsylvania House Democrats still refuse to bring any spending or revenue legislation up for debate.  However, they have found time to pass some bills (and collect their per-diems), including one on county park police training requirements, a resolution commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Borough of Dushore, and most importantly was a bill by Babette Josephs to ban forced implantation of identity chips in humans (HT Grassroots PA).

That bill isn’t necessarily bad on its own merit, but I hope the House will get around to more important legislation – like banning the use of drug-induced psychics to predict crimes before they happen, outlaw space stations the size of a moon that could blow up a planet with a single energy blast, and (my greatest fear) make it illegal to send a human-looking cyborg programmed to terminate back in time to kill me before I was born.