EPA Internal Report Skeptical of “Global Warming”

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has revealed private emails they had obtained from the EPA skeptical of the science behind the global warming phenomena. In the emails, Alan Carlin and John Davidson, two researchers with the agency, express their discontent, citing a need for more independent scientific research on exactly how much of the climate change is attributed to humans. This skepticism is simply the latest in quickly-growing population of scientists and weather experts concerned over the lack of concrete data pointing to human influence over the climate.

In January, Weather Channel founder Jim Coleman, wrote a scathing commentary calling the global warming movement “bad science� and a “hijacking of public policy�. We see the epitome of policy hijacking in H.R. 2454, the cap and trade bill that recently passed the House by a razor-thin margin. Should the taxpayers really be responsible for up to $3,900 in tax increases if even the EPA is questioning the science?