Where does your legislator stand on raising taxes?

This email was just sent to your state Senators and Representatives… Stay tuned!

June 30, 2009

Dear Senator/Representative:

President Barack Obama said, “In an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.� We couldn’t agree more! And we hope you do, too.

That’s why we encourage you to let the citizens of Pennsylvania know where you stand on raising taxes during our current recession.

We believe WE CAN balance the budget, protect public safety and human services, and educate our children without raising taxes on working Pennsylvanians and job creators. Do you?

Attached, I have provided an opportunity for you to publicly state whether or not you agree with President Obama. You can let citizens know whether or not you believe we can reduce spending—rather than raising taxes—to balance the budget.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1st at 10:15, we will be announce our public education effort in the Main Capitol rotunda. A number of legislative caucus leaders will be joining us. You are welcome to attend too (just let me know). Then, every day at 10AM in the Main Capitol rotunda, we will unveil how many legislators are saying, “Yes, We Can!� and “I Agree!� with President Obama. I hope I can add your name to that list, which will also be posted at PleaseNoMoreTaxes.org.

Please fax, email, or mail the enclosed form with your name, signature and date. You can also hand-deliver it to us when we’re in the Capitol each day. We’d love for you to check off your own name and put your signature next to it on our over-sized billboard.

Please feel free to contact me at 717.671.1901 with any questions.


Matthew J. Brouillette
President & CEO