Rendell Budget 2.0

In remarks yesterday, Gov. Rendell announced that he will cut at least $400 million from his earlier spending plan.  He then went on to berate himself for being mean and heartless for ending public education as we know it, crippling food production, ruining the state economy, and reversing the rotation of the earth.  No wait… that would only happen if the state spends $27.3 billion next year, spending $28.5 billion (with tax increases) preserves all of that.

Rendell also commented that a Personal Income Tax increase might be necessary, despite earlier comments that doing so was a last resort, or impossible.

Finally, though no consensus on any aspect of the budget has been reached, Gov. Rendell brought a brand new issue to the table – expanding the state’s prescription drug program for seniors.  Usually he waits until the last week of June to come up with a new proposal to through a monkey wrench in budget negotiations, but he may still have more up his sleeve.