Obama’s Health Care Plan

A good article in The American on health care costs,

The initial tax hikes on the quarter-million-dollar club are projected to raise $318 billion over ten years (although they may not raise that much). But while the same document states that the details of this plan, to be hashed out with Congress, “must put the United States on a clear path to cover all Americans,” it concedes that “$630 billion is not sufficient to fully fund comprehensive reform.” Translation: hold onto your wallets. Middle-class Americans should be prepared for significant tax increases within a few years.

Our healthcare system is in trouble today because we have consistently ignored market-oriented solutions and instead sought out policies based on public finance and top-down regulation.

Here is a previous article from The American on Obama’s health care plan.

And John Goodman also explores the Obama plan, and has some advice for opponents of a government takeover of health care.