Eliminating the Property Tax

State Rep. Sam Rohrer will soon introduce his proposed legislation to eliminate the collection of property taxes to fund Pennsylvania’s school districts. This will have the pleasant effect of preventing Rendell spokesman Chuck Ardo from repeating his favorite line, saying any attempt to reduce education spending “will lead to higher property taxes.”

According to Rohrer, “No tax should have the power to leave you homeless.” To replace the property tax, sales tax will be expanded to include many goods (excluding food, clothing, prescription medications, and other necessities) and services. The School Property Tax Elimination Act will force schools to spend money more efficiently when economic condition decline and Pennsylvania taxpayers are forced to watch their own spending.

Additionally, schools will receive funds allocated from natural gas royalties, not revenue from a severance tax. Pennsylvania is in a unique position among gas producing states in that many of the ideal drilling sites are located on public land.

Perhaps most importantly, Rohrer’s bill puts tax increases in the hands of – get this – taxpayers. No tax increase will be passed without taxpayer approval by a ballot referendum, a measure supported by 75 percent of Pennsylvanians.