Rendell’s Pants are on Fire

Governor Rendell, in comments made today about Sen. Specter, claimed that Specter is “being criticized by his party for voting for the stimulus … which is something every conservative economist said was necessary, including President Reagan’s former economic advisor.” Immediately afterwards, his pants burst into flame.

As I have pointed out before, Rendell is either lying, or completely misinformed. The Cato Institute has compiled hundreds of economists who opposed the stimulus.

And the Reagan adviser Rendell points to is Marty Feldstein, who initially supported the idea of a stimulus (mainly one featuring cuts in tax rates), but opposed the stimulus that passed, even writing an, editorial in the Washington Post calling the stimulus, “an $800 billion mistake.”

As David Boaz pointed out “the count of Republican or conservative or libertarian economists who support Obama’s biggest-spending-bill-in-world-history stands at . . . zero”