Schroder Bills to Save PA Taxpayers Over $600 Million

State Rep. Curt Schroder has unveiled a number of legislative proposals which, by his estimates would save Pennsylvania taxpayers well over $600 million annually.

House Bill 1056 would essentially return Pennsylvania to a part-time legislature, saving taxpayers $12.8 million. …

House Bill 1057 would achieve additional savings through the elimination of cost of living increases, meritorious raises or other salary increases for members of the General Assembly. Schroder said the wage freeze would save the state as much as $3.5 million this year alone. …
House Bill 1058 would annually transfer unspent or uncommitted funding contained in legislative accounts to the state Treasury. These accounts currently contain surpluses of about $200 million. House Bill 1059 would eliminate discretionary grants, also known as walking around money or WAMs. It is estimated this move would save taxpayers up to $600 million annually.

House Bill 1061 would change the pension system for state legislators who take office after Dec. 1, 2010, to a defined contribution plan.

We have written on the looming crisis in state pensions and the need to move to a defined contribution plan frequently, support eliminating WAM programs (as well as all corporate welfare), and have discussed the merits of a part-time legislature.

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