PA Businesses Feeling the Affects of Recession

According to the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc. and it’s Keystone Business Climate Survey, 76% of respondents said business conditions in PA have deteriorated over the past six months.


Respondents of the survey also say that employment levels have declined over the past six months, while only 4% said they have hired new employees.


However, there may be some good news to this report. 29% said they expect the business climate to get worse over the coming six months. That is down from the 50% who forecast a worsening economy last September 2008.

On policy issues, the respondents – predominantly owners of small businesses – overwhelmingly oppose “card check,” support a state right-to-work law, view the stimulus negatively (believing it will weaken an economic recovery), oppose “cap and trade” on carbon emissions, and believe the state budget should be balanced primarily with spending cuts.  While respondents overwhelming oppose raising the state sales tax, they were mixed on raising tobacco taxes.

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