Harrisburg Tea Party Attracts Estimated 2000

An estimated 2,000 protesters showed up for the tea party in Harrisburg. Not only was the crowd impressive, but the number of food items collected for Bethesda Mission far exceeded our expectations – requiring two van loads. (I am worried a few of the items were ruined by the rain, but I’m ecstatic none the less).

By the way – President Obama is “Unaware of the Tea Parties”. Here are some photos, videos, and news he should be aware of (I’ll update with more later):

Photos of the Harrisburg Tea Party


News and Blog Coverage:

People also delivered tea to the Governor’s office in the state capitol, into collection bins. Unlike Obama, Gov. Rendell was very much aware of the tea party, as his staff cam prepared with hand outs – a 3-year old news release from the Commonwealth Foundation titled “Governor Rendell, Fiscal Conservative,” in which we praise the Governor for a single veto of costly legislation. (The news release was old enough it wasn’t even on our website, until I posted it, but the Governor’s office must have been so pleased with it, they saved a hard copy just for today.)

For updates from other cities across Pennsylvania, as well as upcoming Tea Parties in the state, check out PATeaparties.com