Tuition Relief Act Ready to Fold?

Governor Rendell is still traveling around the state to drum up support for his legalization of video poker scheme. At a recent stop at Reading Area Community College, Gov. Rendell said, “Many families who saved diligently for their children’s education have watched those savings quickly evaporate – through no fault of their own. That’s why it’s essential for the General Assembly to approve my plan right away.”

To qualify for the Governor’s Tuition Relief Act a student’s family would have to:
  • earn less than $100,000 annually.
  • pay a portion of their tuition – at least $1,000 a year
However, state legislators are not sold. Senator Lisa Baker pointed out the plan would limit student choice. Students have to attend one of the 14 universities or colleges to get a slice of the gambling proceeds. As Lowman Henry explains, the Governor’s proposal gives residents of Pennsylvania false hope and increases government bureaucracy. Directly funding students, instead of institutions, would keep universities more accountable and cut down on the bureaucracy necessary to distribute the funds.