Union Intimidation in Action

Unions claim they won’t use intimidation as one of their tactics if the Employee Free Choice Act, a.k.a. “Card Check” is passed, eliminating the secret ballot in union elections. But their behavior at a rally held by those opposed to card check, as described by the Post-Gazette, illustrate exactly what workers should fear when these organizers show up at their homes.

As Mr. Wurzelbacher [“Joe the Plumber”] characterized the labor measure as a threat to democracy, many members of the crowd of more than 100 cheered enthusiastically. But their approbation competed with calls of “liar,” “pay your taxes,” and a few more colorful words from the sizable union contingent that had migrated from a demonstration outside to infiltrate the audience in the Green Tree Radisson.

The saga of Joe the Plumber is one of constant intimidation by unions and their political allies. Officials with the state of Ohio illegally released private information about Wurzelbacher after he asked Obama a tough question, revealing he owed back taxes – putting him in a category with about two-thirds of Obama’s cabinet appointees.

The unions then went after the fact the Joe “the Plumber” didn’t have a plumber’s license from the local government. But professional licensing is just another tool used by unions, business cartels, and special interest groups to undermine their competition. Innocuous professions like plumber, eBay sellers, drivers for the Amish, hair braiders, tour guides, and the like are subject to harassment under the guise of occupational licensing – frequently having their right to earn a living in their chosen profession revoked.

The long history of union intimidation is just one reason why the secret ballot must be preserved.